Airhead Comfort Shell Tube

Product Code: ab607e98-165f-0538-8d7f-27ad3b4415c5
  • Cowabunga dudes!

    • This luxurious deck tube is inspired by the softshell turtle.
    • Speedy at tunneling and digging, this tube parallels with it's rapid maneuvering as it cuts through the water.
    • It's flat, round shell is made of the softest foam available, so riders will avoid any abrasion or tube rash.
    • The durable 30 gauge RF welded PVC bladder is completely wrapped in neopren foam, which results in a supper soft touch and padded finish.
    • A heavy-duty Kwick-Connect provides easy and fast to deflate and inflate.
    • Featuring comfortable foam-filled webbing handles and boarding straps to make it easy to climb on.
    • The super plush Comfort Shell deck is totally tubular!