Airhead WaterMat Classic 18

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  • The WaterMat Classic 18 is one of the best large lake floats money can buy. Featuring a bright orange color that's easy to spot from afar, this floating lake pad is reinforced with multiple density foam layers for optimal flotation. Plus, it stretches 18 ft and holds up to 1,020 pounds!

    There's also an anchoring system, so you can dock it nearby shore for kids to play safely. Whether you're looking to lounge, play games, or people watch from the water, the Airhead WaterMat Classic 18 is a reliable, fun-loving product that'll provide joy for years to come.

    • Reversible: Designed so either side can be used as the top of the mat
    • Multi-density foam layers includes reinforcement layers for optimal strength
    • Anchoring System: Includes grommet, bungee anchor line and stainless steel hook